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Titres Type
Castle Dangerous / The Dream Valley of Glendaruel / The Bloody Fields Of Flandres / The Heroes of Vittoria Marches
Mo Ghile Mear Air
The Battle Of Waterloo / Mackay's Farewell to the 74Th / The 1976 Police Tatoo Marches
Chur A Ghluin A Bodich / Beyond  Solw Air /Suite
Bonnie Dundee / The Steamboat Marches
Gaëlic Medley / The Winnipeg Forger / Song For The Chanter Suite
Dawning Of The Day Marche
Dr Flora MacAuley Carradale / Lament For Mary Mac Leod / The Showboat Suite
Midnight On The Water


The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Marche
The Water is Wide / The Glasgow City Police Pipers M+m

Slow Air / Jig

The Dundee City Police Pipe Band  /Captain Craig Brown

Marches 6/8

Morag of Glendale / Murray's Fancy

Slow Air / Waltz

At Long Last 


Grim King Of The Ghosts / Sergeant Malkie Bow's Consternation / Chasing Shadows 

Slow Air / Hornpipes

Scotland The Brave / Rowan Tree / Wings / Scotland The Brave


Journey To Skye